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About Artist David Huting

At age 33, Iowa-born San Diego-based nature film maker & producer David Huting has built a career of  more than 10 years focused solely on producing healing ambient relaxation films for the world.  Huting's signature Nature Relaxation films sweep audiences on awe-inspiring, alleviating natural journeys to the world's most majestic & breathtaking paradises; they are designed not only for entertainment, but to provide tangible & important health benefits to viewers, emerging as a powerful yet simple tool to combat daily stress & anxiety by replacing worry with wonder.  

Viewed more than 30 million minutes monthly on YouTube, and displayed in thousands hospitals, medical centers, spas, nursing homes, churches, cruise ships, hotels, casinos, corporate offices, universities, prisons, universities & more worldwide, Nature Relaxation™ films are renowned globally not only because of their amazing quality & artistic richness but also due to the sheer expansiveness of the collection which now spans more than 20 countries and 500 hours of original, independent programming. 

On top of building the world's largest & highest quality ambient nature film collection, Huting & team have also built an amazing "Netflix-style" global streaming on-demand service and suite of apps for all platforms. (See below for links to try it free). Designed to allow anyone with a screen and an internet connection to be able to relax and reconnect with Nature, the platform & apps offer a world-class viewing experience all for one low monthly or annual fee. In addition to this service, the entire Nature Relaxation™ film collection is available for instant download in 4K/HD, purchase on DVD/Blu-Ray, or for direct licensing at

From soaring over majestic mountaintops in Patagonia to swimming underwater with dolphins in Tahiti, the expansive Nature Relaxation™ film library is your ticket to experiencing the world's most famous and hidden natural wonders in 4K UHD &HD (and soon VR!).  Replace Your Worries with Wonder today with Nature Relaxation Films by David Huting. 

Preview the newest Nature Relaxation™ Video:

World's Paradises in 4K

Amazing Planet Earth

Return to Paradise: Fiji

Feature Length 4K UHD Cinematic Nature Relaxation Videos

Flying Over Kauai (4K)

"A Day in the Caribbean" 3.5HR Film

Wonders of New Zealand

Above the Fiji Islands

Wildlife Wonders of South America

Flying Over Norway

Journey to Everest

Rocky Mountain Wonders

A Day on the Napali Coast (6 HR)

Redwood Forest Rejuvenation

Northern Lights Relaxation

Soaring Over MAUI

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